Help start a new walking advocacy group for Toronto


Does Toronto need a citizen’s advocacy group for walking? An ever-increasing number of people walk in Toronto, for commuting or for pleasure — it is now the most common way to get to work in some parts of downtown. Meanwhile, studies are showing that in parts of the suburbs, obesity and diabetes are more prevalent where the city is the least friendly towards walking. But there is no independent association of citizens dedicated to improving the city’s walking environment.

If you think this is a gap that needs filling, come to the founding meeting of the (yet-to-be-named) Toronto pedestrian citizen’s advocacy group:.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Metro Hall, 55 John Street (South-east corner of King and John)
Room 308/309
See the website for more details.

There used to be a Toronto Pedestrian Committee, of course (I was for a time its co-chair), but that was an appointed official advisory group to the City of Toronto. (It was abolished under Rob Ford, but the Planning and Growth Management Committee recently voted to re-establish it as part of the review of the City’s transportation policy).

The role of the new group will be different — it will have an open membership and be independent and action-oriented. At the meeting, people will have an opportunity to discuss what kind of activities and issues they want the group to engage with.

People will also have the opportunity to vote on a name for the group. We have some ideas already, but we are also looking for suggestions — feel free to propose or discuss naming possibilities in the comments.


  1. As long as your name can’t be mis-heard as “Toronto Pedos”, anything will do.

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