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Good Reads: Summer edition of the Friends of Fort York’s Fife and Drum newsletter

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The summer edition of the Friends of Fort York’s quarterly newsletter, Fife and Drum was released recently.  It’s a busy time at the Fort this summer with the Pan Am Games’ Aboriginal Pavilion on site. With the new Visitor’s Centre, there was no need for the old Garrison Road bridge under the Gardiner, and it met its farewell in April as you can see in the picture above. Here’s some of the highlights in this issue:

  1. Fort York is Better for the Bicentennial
  2. The Magna Carta is coming to Fort York
  3. 1812: the War Canada Won, the British and Americans Drew
  4. Fort York hosts Pan Am Aboriginal Pavilion
  5. Mystery Ship Arrives at Fort York
  6. Dorothy Duncan Recalls Fort York Nearly Fifty Years Ago

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You can download a PDF of the current issue here. But you can also go here to subscribe to Fife and Drum, so it will arrive in your inbox. Here you’ll also find back issues of Fife and Drum to download.

Photo by Sid Calzavara taken in April of the Garrison Road bridge destruction.

Fife & Drum lists upcoming events and recent goings-on at the fort, but it also has, since the Friends began publishing it in 1996, exhaustively researched essays and stories about the fort, Toronto and related history. I serve as volunteer director on the Friends of Fort York board, the volunteer advocacy organization that has helped look after the interests of City of Toronto’s premier museum site.