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Canadian Urbanism Uncovered

  • Urban Oases

    The amazing Jeff Chapman has a wonderful website called Urban Oases that chronicles his, uh, times spent in Toronto fountains. He writes: “What is...

  • The Beaches Guardian Angel

    It is not often that a newspaper does an obituary on a street person, but the Toronto Star did so this past weekend on The Beaches’ Steve Whale...

  • Live Action Scotland Yard (L.A.S.Y.)

    Joel Friesen runs a transit tag game on the TTC. Live Action Scotland Yard (L.A.S.Y.) is a giant game of hide and seek. One guy tries to hide by using the...

  • Coke wants billboard removed

    An interesting battle is going down in India between Coca-Cola and photogrpaher Sharad Haksar. He has been using a billboard space for three years to...

  • Urbanism

    Chris Hardwicke runs a wonderful wesbite called which is a portal to the planning and architecture world. It functions in a similar fashion...