Edmonton’s urbanism headlines: April 12 – 19

URBAN DEVELOPMENT Council allows skinny homes and garage suites across Edmonton [Edmonton Journal] Staples: Skinny homes part of... Read More

Image of the Moment: NAC foyer, pre-renovation

Image: A view of the NAC’s upper foyer, looking towards Elgin Street, and soon to be renovated into a glass-enclosed facade... Read More

Edmonton’s urbanism headlines: April 5 – 11

URBAN DEVELOPMENT West Rossdale canal would add to development costs, city report says [Edmonton Journal] In Edmonton, once a condo... Read More

Edmonton urbanism headlines: March 30 – April 4

CITY MEMORY EVENT April 18: Bus tour discovering Edmonton’s brewing & malting history [ECAMP] Oral history project documents... Read More

Edmonton urbanism headlines: March 23 – 29

ABORIGINAL CITY EVENT April 23: Bought your tickets yet? The Walrus Talks Aboriginal City [The Walrus] Youths picked to ‘jolt’ city... Read More

Edmonton urbanism headlines: March 15 – 22

URBAN DEVELOPMENT Summers: Neighbourhoods can, and should, evolve [Edmonton Journal] Edmonton councillor hopes to take mistrust out of... Read More

Edmonton urbanism headlines: March 9 – 14

INFRASTRUCTURE & DEVELOPMENT Back alley potholes could cost $120 million to repair [Edmonton Journal] Rusting city street light... Read More

UrbSanity: Monumental controversy – Challenging context for memorial

Markers of history and memorials to the tragedies of the past are part of how we imagine ourselves, both individually and... Read More

Edmonton urbanism headlines: March 2 – 8

TRANSPORTATION Transit expert urges City of Edmonton to consider route re-design [CBC Edmonton] Staples: GPS technology makes taking... Read More

Edmonton urbanism headlines: February 23 – March 1

TRANSPORT Limited cash for west Edmonton LRT until 2034 [Edmonton Journal] Simons: City needs the right economic tools to build... Read More