Papaschase: “Big Woodpecker”

To relocate the Métis-Cree away from Fort Edmonton and the highly-valued North Saskatchewan River, negotiations were made to create... Read More

A visit to McNabs Island, Halifax Harbour’s hidden gem

HALIFAX - Sitting at the entrance to Halifax Harbour, McNabs Island is a world apart from the hustle and bustle of urban Halifax. The... Read More

OC Transpo Nostalgia: A public transit trip back to 1959

As a part of the nostalgia that was the opening of Lansdowne Park last week, OC Transpo had a retro 1959 bus on display as a... Read More

Exploring the Athens Metro

I recently visited the Athens metro. Athens expanded its metro dramatically for the 2004 Olympic Games, especially in the central... Read More

The Don Mills Curling Rink is a lost modernist gem

In aerial photos from the 1960s and 70s, the Don Mills Curling Rink looks like an bright white spaceship at the corner of Don Mills... Read More

The very first ride at the CNE

It all started back in the mid-1800s, as a relatively small provincial fair. The earliest version of the CNE was held in a field... Read More

Meet Bertie the Brain, the world’s first arcade game, built in Toronto

Almost two decades before the first video game found its way into an arcade, the Canadian National Exhibition hosted a strange... Read More

Image of the Past: The bridge from war to peace

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How the Simcoes fell in love — and the magical hills where it happened

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Montreal in 5 Fights – Walking Tour

From founding fathers, to dancing drag-queens, Montreal as we know it has been beaten into shape by centuries of conflict. Long-time... Read More