10 NO BRAINERS: Activate our Laneways

10 No Brainers to Make Toronto More Awesome! is a project of the Centre for City Ecology that highlights small, achievable actions at... Read More

Image of the Moment: The bridge that almost is…

Image: Airport Parkway Pedestrian Bridge Location: Airport Parkway, close to Hunt Club  Date of photo: September 10, 2014... Read More

Transit First – Give Transit Priority

A route 1 bus is traveling along Bayer’s Road at o km/hr. A route 52 bus is stuck on Joseph Howe Drive, also traveling at 0... Read More

Transit First – Straight Routes Please

The shortest path between any two points is a straight line. That’s pretty basic geometry. So why do so many of Halifax’s... Read More

Walking Portland

When one types “Portland CBD” in a search engine, one would expect articles and publications on the metropolitan’s newly thriving... Read More

Philadelphia’s airport rail link: what could have been

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post is intended as a follow up to Glyn Bowerman’s commentary from yesterday on the high fares planned... Read More

Exploring the Athens Metro

I recently visited the Athens metro. Athens expanded its metro dramatically for the 2004 Olympic Games, especially in the central... Read More

Book Review – Next-Generation Infrastructure: Principles for Post-Industrial Public Works

Next-Generation Infrastructure: Principles for Post-Industrial Public Works – (Island Press, 2014) Synergy. A simple word that is... Read More

Commercial Drive Parklet – Open for your enjoyment!

There is a new public space installation in front of Prado Café on the corner of Commercial Drive and 4th Avenue available for your... Read More

An Inhabitable Space

Nested in a small industrial district just south of Whyte Ave, Mike Lam‘s industrial design studio embodies a remarkable supply... Read More