Photo du jour : Goodnight Stevie!

They celebrated the Place des festivals’ inauguration with a great Stevie Wonder outdoor performance and some downtown... Read More

Photo du jour : Some things change, some don’t

I was walking along Sherbrooke Street on this Sunday afternoon, in the Westmount section and saw these signs at the corner with... Read More

Fluffy? It’s summer snow!

In some areas of Montreal, you might have noticed this “fluff” that has been falling up and down for at least the past... Read More

Photo du jour : Montréalhenge!

Inspired by last week’s Spacing Montreal post Montréalhenge, I set off to have my own sight at the sun setting on the... Read More

Photo du jour : Teddy bear recyclin’

Photo prise le 16 juin 2009. Read More

Marché Adonis, boulevard Des Sources

Si vous aviez à aller en randonnée dans le West Island, le Supermarché Adonis sur le boulevard Des Sources (Google Maps) est une... Read More

Remembering 6/4, the Tiananmen events, in Montreal’s most Chinese public space

Almost naturally, Parc Sun-Yat-Sen, also called Zhongshan Park by some, was the location of Montreal’s presumably only public... Read More

Le Bixi sous un angle différent

Vous avez été très nombreux à répondre à notre article de la semaine dernière qui demandait vos premières impressions du Bixi. Les... Read More

DARE-DARE: Urban art in the making

Seen on the corner of Ste-Catherine and Lambert-Closse, just one block east of the Pepsi Forum / AMC building. It’s still one of... Read More

Have you tried the Bixi yet?

The Bixi, Montreal’s new public bike system, was officially launched exactly two weeks ago. Have you tried it yet? Being a daily... Read More