Le goût de Montréal // Bouffe de rue : pour une approche systémique | Partie 1 – Contexte et « adversaires »

Fish and chips, satay, curry, Laksa, Mee rebus, burritos, marrons chauds, poutine; tous des plats que j’aimerais bien déguster dans... Read More

A Taste for Montreal: Hot Dogs for Humanity

For three years I volunteered with Dans la Rue van, handing out hot dogs to Montreal’s homeless on Monday evenings. The first... Read More

A Taste for Montreal: How Santropol May Have Saved St-Urbain & Duluth

Garth Gilker moved in to the third floor of the triplex on the corner of Duluth and St-Urbain street around 1970. An anglo Gaspésien... Read More

Why the demise of big box stores is not necessarily good news for main street shops

Considering that the SAQ announced last June that it would close two of its smaller outlets in the Southwest borough of Montreal... Read More

Photo du jour : Bière d’épinette de Chez-Nous

A wonderfully kitschy gem located on Marie-Anne just east of De Lorimier, in the east end of the Plateau. Unfortunately the... Read More

Photo du Jour : Noel à saveur de Montréal

A calèche trots along Beaubien, in front of the a bagel shop and a restaurant offering a mix of Hots Dogs, Souvlakis and Italian food... Read More

What’s wrong with this picture?

It’s amazing what a few hours poking around the Ministry of Transport’s website can reveal. What does this province spend... Read More

Densité urbaine, consommation et nouvelles technologies. Ou comment faire du kayak pour pas cher.

Aux nombreux avantages connus liés à la densité urbaine, ajoutez maintenant celui-ci: ce qui est à toi est à moi. Et inversement... Read More

Photo du jour: Summertime and the living is ice cream

Dairy Queens and gas stations prove popular summer hangouts for Montrealers young and old. Kind of reminds me of my teenage years... Read More

Marché Saint-Jacques slowly coming back to life

Marché Saint-Jacques seen from the corner of Ontario and Amherst. After years of serving as a city office building, the March... Read More