Montreal moves on Open Data

For just over a year, Montréal Ouvert has been pressuring the city to provide data to citizens that is readable by a computer program... Read More

Compteurs d’eau : un jeu dont vous êtes le héros

Un Winnipégois utilise en moyenne 187 litres d’eau par jour. Un Vancouvérois? 358. Un Montréalais? 504! Dans un rapport publi... Read More

Qualité de vie – Comment calculer l’incalculable?

Le magazine Monocle sortait ce mois-ci son toujours très attendu palmarès des villes où il fait très, très bon vivre. Cette année... Read More

So close to the warmth of a Quebec summer…

I couldn’t resist posting this 1970s ad by the Québec tourism department, scanned from an old National Geographic magazine... Read More

Spacing Poll: The Bixi Bailout

Tuesday night, Montreal’s city council voted on whether to financially back Bixi to the tune of $108 million. The Public Bike... Read More

You are listening to Montréal

« La liberté d’expression, c’est aussi la liberté d’écoute. » – Pierre, VE2PEM Régalez-vous du spectacle qui... Read More

Camping en Ville?

After contemplating the paucity of campfires in the city last week, I was excited to come home to news of the possibility of... Read More

The Post-Tourist

A friend of mine recently came to me with a dilemma. Let me explain it to you. For the sake of anonymity, I will not mention any... Read More

Patiner Montréal Tracks the State of the City’s Rinks

Now that temperatures have dipped permanently below zero you might be wondering when your local skating rink will be open, or where... Read More

Cultural Corridor to channel creative energy into Griffintown

Image: Poetry reading in the Dalhousie Art Space, adjacent to the New City Gas Co. building, Aug 2010. There are rumbles of change in... Read More