Out of the Blue

“Out of the Blue” by Shayne Dark, is located on Queen Street West in front of the Museum of Canadian Contemporary Art.  It is made of wood and was erected in 2005. The photos in this article were taken during the summer of 2008 and today it looks as if some of the installation has been removed, possibly by weather or vandalism.

From Shane Dark’s website:

Born 1952, Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada Currently resides in Hartington, Ontario, CanadaShayne Dark has participated in numerous exhibitions in Canada and the United States since he began his artistic career in the mid 1980’s. Dark creates mainly sculptural works, taking a keen interest in every aspect of the process of art production, which he feels draws upon and focuses the physical and perceptual experience of the world. His works often evoke the contrasts between urban settings and the natural world, they are meant to stimulate a spiritual or visceral reaction in the viewer.

Most recently Shayne’s work was selected by an International Jury of art experts from 5 continents for exhibition in an International exhibition entitled ARTiade – Olympics of Visual Art. Shayne is one of 172 Artists from 78 nations chosen from more than 4,500 entries from 120 Nations in the competition. The exhibition, ARTiade – Olympics of Visual Art will run from 12 August to 29 September 2004, during the XXVIII Olympic Games 2004 in Athens. Shayne will be one of three Canadian artists representing Canada in Athens.

Shayne was the recipient of a grant from the Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Inc. in the fall of 2004.

photos by Shaun Merritt.


  1. Great post Shaun. ALways good to read up on a national artist.

    This sculture in particular catches my eye everytime, in a surprising way. And with that name, sort of explains my reaction.

    I wish Shayne all the best.

    Thanks for posting.

  2. Darwin: That’s a photo of the demolition of the Kodak factory in Rochester. I think that photo was part of Contact a couple of years ago.

  3. Speaking of New York…I believe Shayne Dark has an “Out of the Blue”-type installation on the grounds of the Albrgith-Knox Gallery in Buffalo, NY. I actually saw it last week!

  4. I think that the photo was actually in Contact last year. It’s by Bob Burley, who is a professor in Ryerson’s Image Arts program.

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