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  1. There is indeed a lack of transparency in the goings on not only at city hall at the local community level, but all the way up through the interactions between Queen’s Park and City Hall and even on into Ottawa. I think it is good to keep on track with this if you are able. If you manage to zero in on that ‘new information’ and I hope that you are able, then maybe a process of untangling the knots and getting some straight, honest answers will happen. It’s good to take down unwanted signs that detract from the aesthetics of the neighbourhood.

  2. So what happened to Fiona Skurjat and Elizabeth Glibbery? Are they long gone?

  3. The issue is CBS has city council in its pocket (much like Astral). These won’t come down, ever. Bank on it.

  4. This is fascinating Mez, and right in my neighbourhood – looking forward to following this story to its (eventual?) conclusion.

  5. Good on you, Dave!

    I’m glad there are citizens like you who refuse to succumb to the all-too-easy and all-too-common “there’s nothing I can do about it” attitude, which is the reason so much about our city is so dysfunctional. Given that the signs are, by all appearances illegal, some citizen-led action may be required in the future since the City clearly refuses to do anything about them.

  6. The new information is likely a copy of the original permit provided from the files of the billboard company. I used to work for Pattison Outdoor (then Gould Outdoor Advertising) back in the 1990s during the period of major building (several thousand billboards were erected in Toronto and southwest Ontario during the mid 1990s) and while these are very old billboard structures (1980s or earlier from their design) it would have been standard to keep all pertinent information on file for each property. even if the City has been incompetent at keeping paperwork available, the billboard company has a vested interest in doing so.

  7. Soon be able to celebrate the 10th Anniversary! One wonders in this day and age of computers, smart phones, Twitter, Facebook etc. etc. how many people pay any attention to billboards.

  8. Have you noticed the AGO using its Gehry visor-like structure as a billboard?
    Is the AGO paying billboard fees for this blight?
    In community consultations this was presented as an architectural novelty, not an advertising surface. Community residents were presented with some hooey about transparency ‘bringing the street into the AGO, and vice versa.’

  9. Thanks for this article.

    I will follow for sure.

    Whatever happened to Rami and

    He was the man leading the fight on this front and he was doing a great job and then just disappeared….

  10. Keep Doggin them Dave. This is proving to be a real who’done’it or how’do’we’hide’it suspense story. Waiting eagerly for the next installment.