Door Open Weekend — ghosts, [murmur], maps, & Redesigning Toronto Pecha Kutcha-style

It’s Doors Open weekend in Toronto, the first city to do this and now the largest event like this in North America. This year... Read More

Artists on the Underground: movie and panel discussion

I’ll be part of a panel discussion on Saturday night after a showing of the movie “Artists on the Underground”... Read More

Quick comparisons between Toronto’s and Chicago’s street grids

Chicago is often referred to as Toronto’s closest sibling. Built in similar times, with similar sizes and populations, there are... Read More

REID: Toronto is not a grid

We usually think of Toronto — at least the older part of it — as being based on a grid of streets. One of the city’s free weekly... Read More

Introducing the Willowdale Transit Authority

As many Spacing readers know, I have a deep love of maps (both reading and making). And I also have a deep affection for Willowdale... Read More

Spacing’s next issue released on June 25th!

WHAT: Release party for Spacing’s summer 2013 (Toronto edition) WHEN: Tuesday, June 25th, 7:30pm-2:00am WHERE: The 3030 Bar... Read More

Walkonomics walking app comes to Toronto

Walkonomics, a British-based company, is launching their walkability app in Toronto. It’s a concept pioneered by American... Read More

Video maps 24 hours of car2go

A few weeks ago, we posted a video on Spacing Vancouver by Jarek Piórkowski that maps the 24 hour usage of car2go vehicles. Today... Read More

Hand drawn map of Japan’s intricate rail system

Artist Wyton Cho has hand drawn Japan’s rail system. The colourful lines intersect and meet at stations, and present an... Read More