The 2013 Complete Streets Forum

If there’s one thing I learned from the 2013 Complete Streets Forum this week, it was that we in Toronto need to learn to market... Read More

STREET SCENE: Near the Ride Away

Street Scene will appear each week showcasing the illustrations of local artist Jerry Waese. Read More

The Cycle and Sole Rally – walking and biking to Queen’s Park for pedestrian and cycling safety

On Saturday May 11, pedestrians and cyclists will converge on Queen’s Park from North, South, East and West for a rally to... Read More

Junkyard cars recycled into working bicycles

Watch the above video about a bicycle that is manufactured from a variety of junkyard car parts. The frame is welded together from... Read More

Urban Planet: Can bike-share programs overcome the helmet hurdle?

Bike-share programs have really been taking off in North America over the past few years, but not in municipalities with strict helmet... Read More

Will you ride your bike on the coldest day of the year?

WHERE: Behind City Hall at Armoury St. and Chestnut St WHEN: Wednesday, January 30, noon I’m the type of cyclist who puts his... Read More

Urban Planet: ‘Brussels Express’ documents difficulties for bike couriers in a world built for cars

Watch this documentary about what it is like for a group of bike couriers – who literally started from scratch – in one of... Read More

Jarvis bike lane erasing continues with slow rolling protest

The Jarvis Street erasing began again today, with reports of a physician arrested earlier near Queen for blocking the truck. At 1:30PM... Read More

Protest halts Jarvis bike lane removal — pictures

A protest by a 4-5 people that began north of Wellesley has halted the removal of the bike lanes on Jarvis. The city crew leap-frogged... Read More

Parking meters appear on Jarvis — an opportunity to honour courageous city councillors

Today the Jarvis Street bike lanes are being removed after a contentious fight over the return of the much-needed fifth, reversible... Read More