Cameron Barker is passionate about cities, the environment and urban space. He graduated from Ryerson University in Urban and Regional Planning and has worked in municipal city planning and environmental planning including stints in Suriname, South America and Australia. He currently resides in Vancouver and assists the Vancouver Public Space Network and Sustainable Cities International in his free time.

Looking at Housing + Sharing

In late October, the Laboratory of Housing Alternatives (LOHA) held an introspective event on Housing and Sharing at the Lost and... Read More

Earthwalk Vancouver : “Economics in Place and Time” with Michael Barkusky

On October 7th, ecological economist Michael Barkusky led a fascinating and detailed tour of the False Creek seawall from Leg-in-Boot... Read More

Exposé: Kate Armstrong of the Goethe Satellite of Vancouver

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CAPS 2012 Conference Rundown (Part 2): Touring Around

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The VanDusen Garden Visitors Centre: Vancouver’s newest architectural iconic

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Beyond the Helmet

Author: Valerie Ceppi (Valerie Photography Inc., 2010) Valerie Ceppi is a passionate and dedicated Vancouver-based photographer who... Read More

Norquay Park: Community by Design (or design by community?)

What makes a public park successful? Perhaps we can glimpse and answer this difficult question through looking closely at Norquay Park... Read More