Video Vancouver: Hand Drawn Cities

Ben Sack draws incredibly detailed maps of cities by hand. A video recording the process of a recently completed drawing. Music... Read More

Cartographically Speaking – 3D Vancouver

For a larger image, click here. A few months back, I felt like experimenting with different representation methods. Inspired by one of... Read More

Cartographically Speaking – British Columbia as Westeros

For an enlarged version of the map click here Fantasy fiction mostly takes place is vast and fantastical imaginary geographies. The... Read More

Invitation to Vancouver Heritage Foundation’s Places That Matter: Original Border

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Cartographically Speaking: Commuting Locally

Click here for a larger image. No better way to start off 2014 than with some map- and data-geekery.  Last week, Vancouver Sun’s... Read More

Video Vancouver: Map Flyover

The Department of Geography at UBC decided it was time to dispose of a relief map of Vancouver that had hung on its walls since the... Read More

Cartographically Speaking: Variation in Food Access for Vancouver Neighbourhoods

For a larger image, click here. In the sunshine summer of 2013, I was summoned by my professor and given an interesting task: to roam... Read More

Video Vancouver: Foursquare Shows the Pulse of a City

Every day, millions of people check in on Foursquare. We took a year’s worth of check-ins in New York City and Tokyo and plotted... Read More

Video Vancouver: ‘Welcome to the Anthropocene’ Earth Animation

This is the animation done by Globaïa for the short film ‘Welcome to the Anthropocene’ commissionned for the Planet Under... Read More

Cartographically Speaking – Safety in Numbers: Why a Bike Lane in Kitsilano?

By Jen Cook & Holly Foxcroft In the heart of Kitsilano, a rumbling started to occur in reaction to the city project to create a... Read More