My First Time

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Montreal’s first traffic light

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Comment rendre ta rue plus sécuritaire (en 10 étapes faciles)

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The Sunday Building Project – Now with Anecdotes!

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What’s wrong with this picture?

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Corruption, Cartels and Crumbling Infrastructure

Images all Flickr Creative Commons, courtesy of MPD01605, lestudio1, mechanikat & theseoduke With allegations of corruption and... Read More

Park(ing) Day!

Today, Friday, September 16th, is PARK(ing) Day! In cities around the globe, artists, activists and citizens will transform metered... Read More

Pourquoi ce n’est pas chic de cadenasser son vélo à un arbre.

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Taking Responsibility for the Quartier des spectacles Bike Path Debacle

Paul Arcand, the radio show host, often characterizes Montreal as the city-where-no-one-ever-takes-responsibility. Yet, there are... Read More

New bike infrastructure arrives in Montreal

This summer has seen the arrival of two new types of biking infrastructure in Montreal: bike boxes on Milton and a hybrid bike... Read More