Book Review – Busby: Architecture’s New Edges

Centuries from now, when historians look back to the beginning of the Anthropocene, a time when we realized that human beings had... Read More

EVENT – Doors Open Vancouver, Oct 3rd

DOORS OPEN VANCOUVER PUBLIC ART WALKING TOUR OCTOBER 3, 2015 Join artist and tour guide Emilie Crewe for a pleasant walk and... Read More

How the Eaton Centre nearly wrecked Old City Hall

Ever since Toronto city council moved over the street in 1965, Toronto hasn’t quite known what to do with Old City Hall. The... Read More

EVENT – A Conversation with Brian Jackson about Heritage in Vancouver, Oct 15

When: Thursday, October 15, 2015, 6:30 – 8:30pm Where: Committee Room 1, 3rd Floor, Vancouver City Hall, 453 West 12th Avenue Tickets... Read More

Awe in the city

The study of awe — the kind of jaw-dropping experience that makes you recalibrate your understanding of the world — originated with... Read More

Call for submissions: MAQ ‘Young Critic in Architecture’ competition

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Book Review – Timber in the City: Design and Construction in Mass Timber

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Inclusive Cities: A Tale of Two Revitalization Projects

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EVENTS: 2015/16 Ottawa Design Lecture Series

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Ottawa Architecture Week 2015: The city is a house built by many hands.

The city is a house built by many hands. This alone does not make Ottawa unique, but as a place, Ottawa is the most unique city in all... Read More