Sean Ruthen is a Metro Vancouver-based architect and writer.

Book Review: Merrick House

Written by Anthony Robins, ORO Editions (2017) UBC SALA West Coast Modern House Series Nestled on a wooded hillside, the house is... Read More

Book Review: The Sea Ranch – Fifty Years of Architecture, Landscape, Place, and Community on the Northern California Coast

Edited by Donlyn Lyndon & Jim Alinder, (Princeton Architectural Press, 2014) One hundred miles north of San Francisco, the Sonoma... Read More

Book Review: City Builder – The Architecture of James KM Cheng

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Book Review – People Cities: The Life and Legacy of Jan Gehl

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Book Review: Eric Owen Moss Architects/3585

Edited by Todd Gannon (Applied Research & Design Publishing, 2016) No. 9 – Source Books in Architecture Eric Owen Moss... Read More

Book Review From the Stacks – More Mobile: Portable Architecture for Today

Editor: Jennifer Siegal (Princeton Architectural Press, 2008) More Mobile is the little book that roared. About the size of a stack of... Read More

Book Reviews From The Stacks – Snøhetta Works

Editors: Snøhetta (Lars Müller Publishing – 2009) These projects and descriptions together have been selected to show the wide... Read More

Notes from Holland

As an architect on vacation, one does not travel merely to escape the ennui of change orders and field reviews. Time spent abroad in... Read More

Book Review: Downs House II

Edited by Christopher Macdonald, ORO Editions (2016)  “Against the varied and positive nature of the houses depicted in this... Read More

Book Review From The Stacks – The Miller|Hull Partnership: Public Works

“The Miller|Hull Partnership’s energy-conscious designs, love of local materials, and structural expressiveness helped define the... Read More