Sean Ruthen is a Metro Vancouver-based architect and writer.

Book Review – Chandigarh Revealed: Le Corbusier’s City Today 

Author: Shaun Fynn (Princeton Architectural Press (2017) More than sixty-five years have passed since Le Corbusier was commissioned by... Read More

Book Review: The Sagrada Familia

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Book Review – Destination Architecture

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Notes from Italy

“To make this course of action clear to my French readers, I must explain that in Italy, a country very far away from us, people... Read More

Book Review: Friedman House

Written by Richard Cavell, ORO Editions (2017) UBC SALA West Coast Modern House Series Following Dr. Friedman’s passing, the fate of... Read More

Film Review: BIG Time

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Book Review – Architecture’s Odd Couple: Frank Lloyd Wright and Philip Johnson

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Call for Entries: Urbanarium’s 2017 Missing Middle Housing Competition

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Book Review: Binning House

Author: Matthew Soules (ORO Editions, 2017) Spending time in the Binning House is like being enveloped in a gentle super-reality, not... Read More

Book Review: Glacier Skywalk

Written by Clea Sturgess, Trevor Boddy, and Jeremy Sturgess – Figure 1 Publishing (2017)  The Glacier Skywalk construction... Read More