Trent Portigal is a writer and planner. He is the author of several novels, including Cowards (2015) and A Floating Phrase (2016).

No Room on the Plaque: The Cecil Burgess Residence

Edmonton’s built heritage only goes back to the late nineteenth century. This generally makes the interpretation of a building simple... Read More

Parking and Recreation

School and park space in a new neighbourhood is typically acquired through the dedication of land. When a developer subdivides land... Read More

The Plague of Street Numbering

One of the significant challenges of the 1912 amalgamation of Strathcona and Edmonton was street naming. The two municipalities had... Read More

Schools and Parks II – A History of Segregation

The history of planning for schools and parks in Edmonton shows governments moving in an uncoordinated and contradictory way toward... Read More

Schools and Parks I – A History of Sharing

Developing schools and parks involves complex issues of land acquisition, ownership and mixing of uses. The history of provincial... Read More

A Tramway to Somewhere

The story of Edmonton’s rail transit begins in 1893, a year after the Town of Edmonton was incorporated. A paragraph is usually enough... Read More

A Pocket Park Paradise

An article, entitled “City closer to changing downtown Edmonton parking lot, putting up paradise”, appeared in Metro News last year... Read More

Selling Subdivisions to Francophones (Part 2)

The period of 1905 to 1915 was an eventful time for Edmonton and, up until the 1912 annexation, Strathcona. The French language... Read More

Selling Subdivisions to Francophones (Part 1)

For a short time, about a century ago, Edmonton was the home to the only French language newspaper in western Canada. The paper, a... Read More

A Partial History of A Roadway, Plan 524R

An odd shaped lot, about twelve hundred square metres in size and located just north of 76 Avenue in Mill Creek Ravine South, was... Read More